We deliver High Resolution Masters on every session.

Mastering brings out all energy and detail of every song before the project is ready for release, it’s the final step in the making process of a record or single. When mastering a full album, tracks get balanced between each other creating a perfect listening experience from top to end.

Most important tools in the mastering process are:

– Quality of the engineer, technically and creatively.

– Acoustics of the control room, integrated with a state-of-the-art monitoring chain.

Room A: The mastering suite is organized around the custom built I.J. Research K-1 Mastering Transfer Chain console.

Room B: Here we prepare masters for the formats required by the project. After being approved in the mastering suite, masters go through the last process before their final delivery (PQ codes, ISRC codes, sequence, etc).

3:3:2 Studio mastered Grammy & Latin Grammy awarded projects, featuring gold and multi-platinum certified records.  We’ve been working in the same mastering suite for the last 15 years, where we’ve developed a perfectly tuned acoustic space. This allow us to guarantee that every master gets to the audience reflecting the artist vision.